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December 27, 2012


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Dear Susan,

Thank you for your wonderful and informative articles. This one together with the post about chase ouvert gave me a clue of what "Figurez à côte changez des Dames" means. I am reconstructing the 2nd set of Nathaniel Gow's quadrilles published in Edinburgh in 1817 and these instructions puzzled me before I read this text.

However, I have a question. Here in Simonet's quadrilles you decided to use only 8 bars of music for these instructions. Would it be possible to increase it to 16 bars? As the Nathaniel Gow's score suggest this length for this movement.
Thank you


Alena -
I apologize for not spotting this comment sooner. I don't expect the answer is useful to you at this point, but for anyone else -

I think it unlikely to use 16 bars for this figure, because it's already usually padded out with four bars of setting just to make eight bars. I don't think there's enough dance there to fill out another eight. But I'd have to see the Gow quadrille music and instructions to offer a fully informed opinion.

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