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January 11, 2008


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Great, now I'm going to have You Sexy Thing in my head ALL weekend. I hope you're happy.

Except for the last 4 beats, that's identical to a country line dance that was popular here a couple of years ago. The version I saw ended with a quarter turn on 1, then hold 2-3-4.

Parallel evolution, oral transmission, or the fact that there is only so much one can do with drunken nondancers?

TexAnne: I suspect a combination of two and three. Line dances tend to be much of a sameness.

Hi! I'm here via Making Light, and am enjoying both your blogs.

I've been doing ballroom dancing for the last several years, so it's interesting to read about some of the roots. Here (in Germany) disco dancing -- i.e., Disco Fox -- is alive and well. Haven't seen line dancing, though.

Welcome, Debbie. You'll see lots more here about ballroom roots as I have time to write! I don't do much modern-style dancing at all, just "dead" stuff from the 15th century to the early 20th, but I'm always fascinated by the current forms of older dances. I had to look up Disco Fox (YouTube is handy that way); how interesting! It looks like living tradition hustle.

Hmm, yes, terminologies, sorry. I didn't learn to dance in the US, and had/have no idea of current trends or names of some dances. OTOH, ballroom dance competitions (pairs and teams) are shown relatively often on the sports channel, which amuses me. The apparent rather than actual contradiction, that is!

I, personally, would like to see the disco era scrubbed from history...

Oh disco. We love to hate you and your silly 70's light effects. And yet... I will always be brought back to my fond childhood memories of the roller skating rink.

Hmm. Now I am craving actual hot chocolate. Pity the office just has the powdered stuff - and only the sugar-free kind. Bleah.

Interestingly there have been comparisons with the HULLY GULLY - this being an adaptation. And of course, there is Ric Silver who doesnt know anything about THIS dance... but is the same as 'his' Electric Slide which he claims he choreographed in 1976.

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