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December 10, 2018


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Series 19 is available streaming and on DVD from Netflix.

See the part where I talk about not being expert at finding streaming things online! I suppose I am the last person on earth who doesn't have Netflix. Thanks, Charlene!

Hi Susan. The music for most of the quadrilles and the background music as guests arrived was from one of our recordings of Duval's Lancers, although they did change to another version by a wind band later in the scene.

Meryl (Green Ginger)

I will take 'attempting steps' as a compliment, though I could have sworn I was doing a chasse! Unfortunately the floor was incredibly slippery so we had to be tentative. It was a brilliant experience and I am really glad you enjoyed the episode. best wishes, Rachel (Chair, The Duke of Wellington's Dancers and the lady in yellow)

Thanks for this review, Susan! Yes we had to teach the actors the figures and had to dumb it down for their dialogue scene in the dance. It was my idea to do the moulinet in the gunshot scene so that we got as many dancers as possible in shot (no pun intended!), after a long day of filming! Just a shame they edited it to spend longer panning along the line of actors watching us, than showing us actually dancing!! But great that you noticed us and appreciated our efforts!
Libby Curzon, of Mrs Bennet's Ballroom (wearing the cream stripe dress)

Belatedly responding to the comments here -

Meryl, I thought it might be your music, but after listening to the recordings and the music in the episode repeatedly I just couldn't be certain.

Rachel, it was definitely a compliment! I couldn't really tell what people's feet were doing, but I could see the springiness of actual footwork rather than just gliding around, and I completely approved!

Libby, I certainly did!

I've updated the post to include the music information and link to Green Ginger, The Duke of Wellington's Dancers, and Mrs. Bennet's Ballroom. Thank you all for responding with the extra information!

"La Lodoiska" and "La Dorset" were used in the 1987 Northanger Abbey adaptation.

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