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August 18, 2009


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wow! The fact that it's a leather cover is interesting. Is that normal for the era, or an oddity?

I haven't made enough of a study of ball cards to know, but there are many surviving ones that are much fancier than folded cardstock, so a leather one doesn't shock me.

That's neat! I'm now intrigued to look at more filled out ball cards to see how many each person typically did (or planned ahead for, anyway).

I have a couple of leather covered ball cards which are intended to serve as small wallets when the pages are removed- they have little pockets sewn into the covers & could hold stamps, possibly tickets or a few pieces of currency, maybe a few coins. Digressing a bit, at the turn of the century middle to upper class people carried much less money on their persons than we'd expect. Many purchases were done on credit with bills submitted at the end of the month. Lunch could be a dollar- or less, and a nickle bought quite a lot.

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