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January 03, 2008


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I'll have to look this up, but some parts of these look like they may have survived into dancesport and round-dancing (called ballroom).

As I'll be heading north this weekend there will be no more details until Sunday or Monday.

I made an LJ feed for this journal -- LJ folks can put SusanKickery onto their flist.

Susan, do you mind increasing the font? I've got my nose to the monitor.

Oh, dear, I am awash in LJ feeds! There is also one at: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/capering_feed/. Great minds think alike, apparently.

Since I wouldn't know an LJ feed if it bit me, is it bad to have two?

Font size increased for posts; I'm leaving the sidebars teeny-tiny for now.

Thanks for the font increase!

No problem with two, they'll be alike and people can choose which to read.

(Interesting decisions on naming -- I went with the domain, and the other person went with the title.)

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