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August 24, 2015


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Wow, I'm glad I came across this article! Thanks so much for passing on the information I managed to dig up.
A couple of comments: In spite of the mostly lily white racial mix in the Northwest, my list of fiddlers includes three black fiddlers, as well as two who were part Native American, several white fiddlers who married Native American women, and one who married a Chinese woman. I've got to update that article; I found a cool fiddler named Charlie Kahana, in Northwest Washington, who was half Hawaiian and half Lummi Indian - and there are even recordings of him!
More updating that I need to do: I have found out a lot of information about pioneer era musicians in the Northern Willamette Valley, especially the Aurora Colony. They were incredible musicians on all sorts of instruments: brass, string, reed. And they left a lot of music manuscripts. The violin manuscripts alone contain hundreds of polkas, mazurkas, polka mazurkas, waltzes, quadrilles, polonaises, marches, varsoviennes, schottisches, gallops, a redowa, a landler, a tyrolienne, and an esmeralda! I'm trying to sort this all out - but I don't think one lifetime is long enough! Fascinating stuff - check out the website at www.auroracolony.org/

One year later, and we finally published a tunebook of a selection of the Aurora Colony manuscript dance tunes. Also, I have updated the pioneer fiddlers article to include Charlie Kahana, the folks associated with the Aurora Colony, and more. Check it out on the Voyager Recordings & Publications website.

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