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June 28, 2010


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I posted this comment on an older entry, but I thought I should repost on a newer entry in case nobody reads the old one!
Does anyone know if there is a type of quadrille in which one of the figures is called the "visits" or "visitations"-- or something to that effect? In a scene in a novel I am translating, the characters are dancing a quadrille and that's the word (in the original language) used to describe one of the dance figures. I'm trying to find out what, if anything, that would correspond to in English terminology. Thanks for any help you can give!

Elisabeth: could I have some context, please? The name of the novel and the paragraph or at least the full sentence containing the reference, in the original language and English translation if it is something other than French, Spanish, or Italian, with the date and country of publication? I think the answer is fairly obvious but don't like depending on so little information.

Thanks so much for your reply, Susan. It's a Greek novel published in 1937, though it's set sometime around 1910 or before. The sentence in question doesn't provide much context. Here's the relevant part of the sentence: "Οταν τελείωσαν τις επισκέψεις..." Literally, that would be "When they finished the visits..." The editor has footnoted the word "επισκέψεις" and indicated that it refers to a figure of the quadrille. The scene as a whole lasts for a few pages, and these other parts of the dance are mentioned, using the French terms: tourbillon, grand rond, promenade, chaîne, and the grand repos. The term "επισκέψεις" for which I am looking for a corresponding English term occurs in between the mention of the tourbillon and the grand rond.
I hope that gives a little more context. Thanks again for your help!

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