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May 30, 2008


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I love doing this to you--

Availible for sale: CAROSO, Fabritio. Il Ballarino. Venice; Francesco Ziletti, 1581. "First edition of this beautifully illustrated manual - one the most important works detailing late Renaissance Italian, French and Spanish courtly dance."

You going to tell is where? (I'm sure it's out of my price range, but still.)

Ah, those old biopics seldom let the truth get in the way of the story, don't they? That doesn't keep Yankee Doodle Dandy from being one of my favorite Fourth of July movies, cornball as it is. Heck, we get to see James Cagney dance!

Heck, I could do those steps! Not very fast, but still.

Marilee... I am such a lousy dancer that it awes me when someone can do any of it, especially a person one doesn't usually associate with dance, like Cagney in the aforementioned movie and in Footlight Parade. (Did you know that his career started in burlesque, apparently in roles that involved dressing up like a woman?)

Serge, no, I had no idea Cagney did burlesque!

And Cary Grant started as an acrobat. Take a look at 1938's Holiday. That's really doing those pirouettes. He must have given the producers a heart attack.

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